Mulga Road Bookshop

2/89 Mulga Road, Oatley, NSW

02 8034 6269

Opening hours:

Sat 10am - 2pm

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

The bookshop has reopened after a short Christmas break. All our Covid protocols are still in place, as listed below only 3 customers allowed in the shop at any one time.

Entry and exit through the front door where there is hand sanitiser available.

Masks to be worn at all times while in the shop Trollies with $2 books are out the front of the shop because back room is closed to the public, as it is too small to ensure customer safety.

We are not accepting book donations during January, it this should resume in February.

All our books are cleaned before putting on the shelves.

At present we are not required to use the qr scanning system but this could change in the future.

These protocols will remain in place until further notice.

Please remember that all our staff are volunteers, giving up their own time, following the protocols set out by the government, and should always be treated with respect.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Established in 2011, The Mulga Road charity Bookshop in Oatley is a project of the Rotary Club of Hurstville. We have volunteers who staff the bookshop. In addition, all books are given to the shop on a donation basis.

Various projects and charities within the community receive all the money raised from our sales. These include Care Flight, St George Hospital, The Riverwood Hornets and many small not-for-profit organisations.

We have a large collection of books including fiction, children’s books, war, Australiana, religion, textbooks as well as many other categories. We also have a fine collection of antiquarian books and dedicated volunteers to help you in every area.

Visit our charity bookshop on Mulga Road in Oatley today or Contact us to find out more.

Mulga Road Charity Bookshop Oatley